Serving Breakfast with a Smile


Caring for our local communities through breakfast

  Breakfast at Fairfiew School

Whether donating food, time or money, Richards industries and our employees have always sought to brighten futures of those in our local communities – particularly the children.

Each year, Beth Mogg, IT Manager, focuses on helping children get the nutrition they need to be their best. She partners with Project Connect, a local Cincinnati charity, to help cook and serve food to children in need.

This year, employees met very early at the Fairview School to join children attending the summer program. Fresh eggs, bacon, fruit, bagels and cream juice, along with orange juice were served to about 60 kids ages 5 to 16. “A nutritious breakfast is imperative to help children learn and grow” says Beth Mogg. “I get such satisfaction out of working with Project Connect and seeing, first hand, how it is affecting the children around me.”

About Project Connect

Project Connect is a non-profit group that works with the homeless children in the Cincinnati Public School District. Founded in 1996, Project Connect provides advocacy paired with specialized educational services and lifestyle enrichment opportunities for children who have neither a voice, nor a choice, in being homeless. Cincinnati Public Schools serves about 1,700 students whose families are homeless.