New Employees Receive On-The-Job Training


On the Job Training

IMT TrainingRichards Industries is pleased to announce that three of our newest employee hires are in the process of completing the rigorous IMT program (Industrial Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship). Hunter Hoskins, Scott Ethier and Greg Betts, Jr. are working hard to finish the course and have just completed the QA module. While attending classes on Fridays, they will continue to learn from their on the job training. Keep up the good work!

What is IMT?

The Industrial Manufacturing Technician hybrid registered apprenticeship provides production workers with the knowledge and competencies needed in the advanced manufacturing environment. The 18-month or 3,000 hour apprenticeship trains workers to:
  • Set up, operate, monitor and control production equipment
  • Help improve manufacturing processes and schedules to meet customer requirements
  • Understand manufacturing as a business system that integrates multiple disciplines, processes and stakeholders
  • Efficiently and safely manage raw materials/consumables

IMT BrochureThe Hybrid Approach

Hybrid competency-based apprenticeship involves:
  • 2,736 hours on-the-job training
  • 264 hours related classroom instruction OR
  • Demonstrated skill attainment according to Job Book; 4 MSSC CPT tests passed, OSHA 10, First Air/CPR certifications, and completion of shop math, communication, and train-the-trainer courses

Why IMT?

The IMT apprenticeship was developed to meet manufacturing firms’ needs to upgrade the skills of the frontline production workers. The IMT on-the-job learning and related instruction are relevant in manufacturing settings ranging from food processing or metal fabrication to plastics or bio-medical production and can be customized to a particular firm’s criteria. Upon completion of training, workers earn nationally recognized manufacturing journey worker credentials.