Over 4 Million Hours of No Lost Work Time


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Richards Industries is passionate about safety and it shows. Recently, Richards Industries hosted Sarah Morrison of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to demonstrate how it has made safety a number one priority in the workplace. Richards Industries recongized by BWC for Safety Richards Industries has received six Safety Intervention Grants from the BWC totaling $40,000 over the last eight years . The most recent grant for $7,800 came earlier this year and aided in the purchase of parts cleaning and mist collection equipment to reduce the risk of employee exposure to oil mist and oil on the floor that could create a slip hazard.

“We are vigilant to ensure the health and safety of all of our employees in the workplace” said Bob Luthy, Manager and Safety Director. “We have not had a lost time injury since 1999.” A cross-functional safety council, consisting of employees from manufacturing, sales, engineering and the president of the company, meet monthly to discuss the status of current safety initiatives and future plans.  The safety council also hosts Safety Talks which can address issues including  safety auditing, electrical hazards, heat stress, chemical vapors and traffic.

“Control the hazard” is a popular expression around the company. Employees are encouraged to identify hazards and propose how those hazards can be mitigated.  On average, workers make more than 25 improvement suggestions every year and the majority of these suggestions are implemented by the safety council.

Clearly, Richards Industries is not a company willing to chance it’s workers’ well-being.