The Annual Company Picnic


Richards Industries Annual Picnic

On June 30th, we held our annual company picnic and what fun it was! Richards Industries Picnic Having an opportunity to just relax with friends (whom you also just happen to work with) is invaluable. Richards Industries recognizes how important this is – and we work very hard to facilitate connections through events like these. Employees and their families all met at Alms Park for a day of face painting, juggling, music and dancing along with a fun “Amazing Race” type competition (nice job, Bobby Storey for winning the contest!). The day would not have been complete without a wonderful (and filling!) catered lunch. A man on stilts makes balloon animals for children It was a day of conversation, relaxation and children running around laughing excitingly with all the fun things to do. Newly found friendships and happy memories with co-workers is what it’s all about. Richards Industries Picnic